Healthy choices outside the kitchen

One of the biggest stumbling blocks I have experienced is eating out. Though 95% of the food we keep in our house is clean (everyone need that emergency bag of chocolate chips!) when I go out to restaurants…I used to majorly stress. But no more! 

Here are some of my favorite finds while eating out and still maintaining clean eating and not breaking the bank or chaining myself to the salad menu:

Ruby Tuesday: This place has seriously amped up their menu with their side items and salad bar. Their spaghetti squash is amazing, and veggies are no extra charge with your grilled entree! 

Chuy’s Tex Mex: Navigate past the creamy jalapeño and queso and you have daily homemade salsa, fresh made tortillas and all whole food ingredients with the tacos or fajitas.

Outback Steakhouse: One of Ryan’s favorites on the road, anywhere grab an awesome steak off the grill and fresh, not frozen veggies.

Chic-fil-a: Did you know they now offer grilled nuggets and fruit as a side? Hit the drive thru and be on your way, worry free.

Sushi: Sashimi samplers are a great option to avoided all the empty white rice calories, and with marinated cucumbers on the side and seaweed salad, you can eat well in any establishment.

BJ’s Brewhouse: I love this place for their house-brewed craft beer, and I can off-set it with my fav, the ahi tuna salad, or even grab a flatbread during happy hour for a small, yet filling bite. 

Chipotle: Here fresh ingredients and quality are key (anyone remember the missing carnitas?) and what’s great is you can do a salad for a smaller lunch, or if I’m working an event I opt for the carbs from the rice to keep me fuller, longer so I avoid the nacho cart.

Burgers: Hamburger joints are really getting on the bandwagon with clean eating and offer burgers “green style” or, over lettuce. Some, they give you so much lettuce it contains everything as if it were a bun.

Jimmy Johns: Freaky fast and fresh, order an unwich in a pinch to drop the carbs and dial in on the protein. Also, for no extra charge say “all in” or add all the tasty veggies you want!
Whether you travel a lot or are not the biggest fan of the kitchen…there are plenty of choices for a healthier meal, so when your coworkers all head out for some good eats, leave that lean cuisine at home and don’t fear…there is something you can eat! After all, restaurants are in business to make money off you anyway…right?

Anyone else have any solid options they can’t miss outside the kitchens?


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