I delayed my bedroom remodel to paint my laundry room.

“She’s crazy.”

Maybe. But for the last few weeks I’ve really been struggling with the to-do list on getting our master suite before we become Florida’s next B&B (I’m only half kidding).

I mean, it wasn’t bad. Your standard off white walls with some stains from carrying stuff in from the garage and endless loads of laundry…stray soap stains here and there. Overall, definitely a clean-ish used laundry room. I’d definitely finishing working on my bedroom first, right?

Gotta love it when a light goes out in the middle of cleaning and painting, right? Hah!

Anyway, so why did I paint my laundry room? Well, it didn’t bring me joy. And working from home part-time while Ryan travels for work means laundry falls to me. So, I spend a lot of time in this room. And I HATE doing laundry. Like, I seriously scrub the toilets first (don’t worry, he keeps it pretty clean :P). But, anytime I would walk into this room I’d just get cranky and think about how much I hated doing the laundry and I’d go in a sour mood how I wasn’t out bringing home the bacon and instead trapped in my Susie Homemaker personal hell.

And that’s not right.

My role right now is to serve our little family by providing meals, a clean household and our food budget as well as my car payment. And that’s a pretty big step in starting my own business. This is my job, and I should be joyful. So, I decided to change up the space. First off..only laundry things go in the laundry room. No more stray lightbulbs, tools, outlet covers…we have a closet for that.

Next, keeping it in budget, I added a little piece of peace. I remembered a few weeks ago I went to a paint and sip night with some new friends and they made a joke about “if you hate this, hang it in the laundry room.” Well I love it, and how happy it makes me in the space! And I’ll see it Everytime I come through the garage.

So, a morning of painting, some light cleaning and rearranging the space, and my heart is at peace. I walk in the room proud, and don’t feel so overwhelmed. It’s a small little piece of peace and reminds me what I give back to this family. And I did it all by myself!

Now why grey? That’s a depressing color. Right, but it reminds me there’s sunshine to the rainclouds before I walk into my beautiful bright green hallway. And, it covers dirt 😉

And…in case I get a little down on myself, I added some words of wisdom to my little art wall on some chalkboard signs that were left from our wedding.

Total cost of the whole shebang? $10 for a quart of paint. The rest was random stuff I had lying around the house or in my craft drawer. Looks like a great investment to me!


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