New name, new logo.

I’m an advertising nerd at heart. After all, my degree is in it.  And I don’t care who says it, Advertising is art, and it is beautiful.  I’m the sap that watches commercials and then critiques the story, the lighting, the brand memorability. That’s me.

So, when I decided to make my company a thing (cause it is now…yippee!) I knew I needed an expert, so I called in my buddy Abigail at AW Graphics who specializes in design and photography. Abs (not Abby) and I worked together at Universal and she was one of my first friends there.  So, when I begged the question…How can I be made into a logo? She was the one to call.

‘What’s in a name, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – Shakespeare

The name, why the heck did I pick Take Flight Fitness & Wellness, it’s kind of a mouthful right?  Well, dear dear friends. It’s meaningful…mmkay?  So first, “Take Flight.”

  • My nickname is “Birdie” and birds fly.
  • Dreams make you feel like you are flying.
  • Being grounded is boring.
  • Sometimes you need a little push to fly.

Bam. You’re welcome. Genius, right? The fitness and wellness, well folks…to me fitness isn’t enough. I’m not a workout expert, I get bored of it actually. But living well, that’s the key to success.

So now…how do I leave my “mark?”  TA DA! (see below).

These fun colors are a dot, my mark, and pretty significant too. First of all, pretty colors! And teal is my spirit color. Brown is my favorite color, but not a lot of people like brown, so no brown. Teal it is. Goldenrod…well they go well together, but I personally hate the color yellow.


Well dear friends, sometimes we have to do hard things so we can be awesome, and that includes liking yellow, and whenever I see yellow I am reminded of that.

The two arrows in the logo are me + you. Because I can’t help you with out you and vice – versa. I will not pedal your legs, I will not put shakeology in a stomach tube (though sometimes I want to). Nope, together we have to work, and that is the CORNER (see, the CORNER?!) of the business.

And you guys…back to my friend Abs, awesome designer, she just got this after I told her I like arrows. Genius I tell ya…and I mean…it makes an F too!!! ALL THE SYMBOLISM!!!

Mix it all together and whadaya got? Me…in a beautiful logo. Rough around the edges, slightly goober-ish text. Focusing on the good stuff…WELLNESS.

It’s a beautiful thing folks, take it all in.  Please? Cause like I need hits on my page.


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