50 by 30 – Travel Bucket List

Sometime when I was 25 I said “Hey, I’m gonna visit all 50 states – I’ve been to A LOT!” then I said, like all good goal-getters I needed a date – so, well, I’m gonna do it by 30!

My husband is thrilled.

But seriously, after traveling A LOT of Europe, and talking with my bestie Johanna, who happens to live in Germany [I digress] each of the 50 states really do have a unique culture that needs to be explored.  So I am setting out to do it.

So far, well, so good! But I’ve got some adventures to get under my belt.  But wait, there’s more! My plan is to catalog these adventures (as best I can) here, so I can look back, and check this puppy off.  So – this post will evolve (OOHHH AHHH), as I make the quest.

The Criteria:

  1. I must “experience” each state. That means airports don’t count.  Either it’s a 1/2 day visit or a meal shared.  Something special about it.  Sorry O’Hare – I’m making a separate trip to Chicago!
  2. I need to visit all 50 states BY the time I turn 30, which will be at 2:31AM CST on February 12th, 2020.

So, here’s a nifty map – and a niftier list! Meaning I sang the “Fifty-Nifty” song while writing this puppy out, you know the one….”Fifty-Nifty United States from 13 Original co-lo-nie-s!” You’re welcome for that little diddy. 😉

As of July 18, 2017
  • Alabama:
  • Alaska: Intended Travel Date March 2018
  • Arizona:
  • Arkansas:
  • California:
  • Colorado:
  • Connecticut: TBD
  • Delaware: TBD
    Florida: “Hello, I live here!” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & The City – The Movie
  • Georgia: We got married in this fantastic Southern Gem!
  • Hawaii: Intended Travel Date October 2018
  • Idaho: TBD – Dream Trip – Amtrak Empire Builder
  • Illinois:
  • Indiana:
  • Iowa:
  • Kansas:
  • Kentucky:
  • Louisiana:
  • Maine:
  • Maryland:
  • Massachusetts:
  • Michigan: Scheduled August 2018
  • Minnesota:
  • MontanaTBD – Dream Trip – Amtrak Empire Builder
  • Nebraska:
  • Nevada:
  • New Hampshire:
  • New Jersey:
  • New Mexico:
  • New York: TBD (Crazy I have not been here!)
  • North Carolina:
  • North Dakota: TBD – Dream Trip – Amtrak Empire Builder
  • Ohio:
  • Oklahoma: Oh, did ya know I was born and raised in this “flyover state?”
  • Oregon: TBD – Dream Trip – Amtrak Empire Builder
  • Pennsylvania:
  • Rhode Island: TBD
    South Carolina: TBD
  • South Dakota:
  • Tennessee:
  • Utah: TBD
  • Vermont: TBD
  • Virginia:
  • Washington:
  • West Virginia: TBD
  • Wisconsin: TBD – Dream Trip – Amtrak Empire Builder
  • Wyoming: TBD

How many states have you been to? What shouldn’t I miss in the ones I haven’t seen? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list!



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