Breakfast at Brennan’s

Ever since I was a little girl, my Grandparents talked about the romance of New Orleans and how brunch as we know it was invented there.

I imagined them walking the streets, hand-in-hand…or well, more my grandmother with her arm interlocked with Grandfather, because he was about foot taller than her.  I can still remember one day promising my Grandmother before she passed away that I would go to have a “Real Breakfast” and Brennan’s.

Fast forward to 2005 – and with Hurricane Katrina, my first trip to New Orleans wasn’t exactly the romantic adventure that I had imagined.  And sadly, the majority of the French Quarter was closed when I first went with my youth group.

image000000_09.jpgEven still – this past Christmas I mentioned to Grandfather how much I love eating Eggs Benedict (I really do!) – and he replied: “You’ve still never had Eggs Benedict, until you’ve been to Brennan’s!”  in his politely-pushy, Grandfather-y way.

Mi Familia at Thanksgiving in 2015 –  I’m the blond on the bottom, and next to me is Grandfather.

And, this summer, when work took me to New Orleans, I vowed to not leave that city without getting bennies at Brennan’s – and opted for reservations our last morning in town.

In a nutshell – run, do not walk your little fingers over to Pinterest and add this to your trip planning board, because you don’t wanna miss this (but hey, maybe pass on Bourbon Street).

Without spoiling it all, here’s what ya gotta know about Brennan’s:

  1. This place be fancy. Like, I’ve brunched A LOT (#basic) and I’ve never been anywhere with tablecloths AND crumb scrapers! So break out that Sunday best…and not tourist-y t-shirts and tank tops (oops).  LUCKILY, they still let us in.
  2. Get a reservation. I funnel all ours through
  3. They don’t serve Eggs Benedict. It’s Eggs Hussarde. You will be judged if you say “bennies.” Also, my bad.  I wasn’t able to try the Eggs Hussarde due to my food allergies (oh the irony!) so went for the Eggs Sardou – DELICIOUS!  I am so glad I made myself like cooked spinach 2 months ago, best. eggs. ever.
  4. Their coffee is the BOMB DIGGITY. It’s served in a french press, which is fabulous! Nice and strong, as coffee should be, but different as it’s made with Chickory in typical New Orleans style.
  5. DO come hungry, and know you are getting what you pay for. Since I wanted to try a few things, I opted for the $31 2 course option, which I highly recommend. After Ryan and I ate our fill, it was about a $90 tab – usually reserved for date nights.  However, now having dined at at a Michelin Star restaurant, I can tell you that the service was impeccable and we got much more than a $90 tab (3 servers yall, and the chef said hi…I mean WOW).


So, did our experience live up to my Grandfather’s memories? Absolutely. This was definitely one of my favorite brunches, and way better than standing in the line for Beignets at Cafe du Monde (do yourself a favor and stop here in the PM for a snack, way better!).  But my favorite part? I honestly feel like I shared something special with my Grandfather.  I felt that romance of New Orleans that he had described from long ago and sharing this experience with my husband was just magical.

*I was not paid by Brennan’s for this blog post – opinions, stories, and goofs belong to me (and the hubs).

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