Does this picture make me look professional and put together? Cause it’s totally on my linkedin.

Do you ever wake up one day and think, “I’ve got something to say”? Well, I did.

Hi, I’m Amy, Founder and CEO of Take Flight Fitness & Wellness. Nutritionist. Professional Blogger. Online Wellness Coach. Full-time Goober. My mission is simple, to encourage and assist whoever I can to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, while appreciating and learning from our daily struggles.

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That’s my husband, Ryan…we are one of those so cute you wanna barf couples, sometimes.

It all started for me in 2012. I had just graduated college in Texas (go SMU Mustangs…HOLLA!), and didn’t feel well. I felt chained up, confused, not sure what I was doing with my life…and it showed. In the way I walked, talked, and looked. So, I made a change and moved to Florida and landed my dream job at the happiest place on Earth, Universal Orlando Resort. šŸ˜‰

Fast forward over the next 4 years I lost 50 pounds, had a health scare, met the love of my life playing beer league kickball, got marriedĀ and decided to carpe that freakin’ diem. And, 4 months after we tied the know….I jumped way into the deep end of that diem (and maybe was slightly pushed) when my husband and I made the decision to leave our security, and pursue our dreams living by the water.

I didn’t feel the love tonight for marketing, he was over city life. So we left our universe and are pursuing our passions. And this blog and my business is all about that, and empowering others to do the same. Ā We get to travel, a lot. We are both great cooks (thank GOODNESS) and we love to cook. And, hey…I think others can find their passions too.

I’m not perfect. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and make cookie dough. I don’t brush my hair near enough. I lose my keys practically every day. I can’t contour to save my life (or really understand it). I have food allergies….and I digress.

The Take Flight community is here for you. Rather as a passive blog reader, or if you need someone to help you along on your fitness and wellness journey, I’m here. We’re here. To the rooftops we go! What’s stopping you?