This is where the magic happens!  All my musings, nice and neat and organized (ok, don’t judge) for all of you!  My life here in this little corner of the internet is divided into 3 categories, take your pick!

Eat Well – Foodz. All ya gotta know. These are some of my favorite recipes, as well as some original concoctions. Mostly healthy, all delicious.

Travel Well – Travel is a staple in our lives, and our passion. So here if you’re planning a trip or curious about one of our adventures, check out this section!  Professional bloggers, amateur travel bloggers? I think so!

Create Well – If you talk to me or my husband, chances are we are building or crafting something. Here’s some of our tricks so you can create your dream home on a budget, too!

Live Well This is just life, you never really know what you’re gonna find here! Ramblings, musings, the world is our oyster!