Guilt-Free Mini Cheesecakes

If you’re like me, you’re up SUPER LATE the night before taxes are due, coming through receipts – deductions, on chat with turbo tax…

Ok so the hubs is doing all that – because let’s face it, I suck at finances and he absolutely loves it. But still – I knew this would be the night to make a sweet treat.

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Magic Leftover Casserole

Tis the season to be jolly – about leftovers! The holidays are all about that rush and bring an appetizer for this party, a dessert for that – then the inevitable happens, you made WAY too much DELICIOUS spinach artichoke dip (#guilty.)

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Lightened Up Alfredo Lasagna Rolls

Do you have that one friend who is on a killer weight loss kick during the holidays? You know – the one posting transformation pics, pounds lots and you are licking the spoon?

Yeah you do [it’s me].  But still – there are those days where you just need some indulgence – mine lately? Fettuccini Alfredo.  And only last week my sneaky sneak hubs told me he has a homemade recipe?!  And it’s not exactly diet-friendly…but a little in moderation never hurt anyone!

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Vegan Cuban Quinoa

Quinoa alone, can be…well, blah. But the right ingredients, dang ya’ll this is good!  This works as a great side dish (I like it with fish, chicken, or pork) or has enough protein to be a solid stand-alone if you are on the vegan or vegetarian trend.  The best thing, it keeps! And…a plus, it tastes even better with time.

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Hearty Breakfast Quiche

It’s Monday, which means meal prep day! For a girl like me I have more Tupperware than dishes because I’m always on the go, so this day is crucial.

My latest obsession? My hearty breakfast quiche. It gets the day going with something sorta fancy, but fast! Bake ahead of time and microwave for a quick bite before work or when you get to the office.

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Paleo Sushi

I’m currently in the middle of 21 Day Fix Extreme and am loving the program so far but was craving a sushi night out.  So the solve?  A sushi night in!  I swapped the rice for cauliflower and picked up some sushi grade tuna at Whole Foods and it was YUMMY! This is great for a date night at home or with friends, because everyone can build their own rolls and have fun in the process. The recipe is Paleo, Whole 30, and 21 Day Fix approved!

Pro tip: pick up a sushi roller to make sure that everything is nice and tight if are worried about presentation.

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Simple, Easy Mayo

In healthy eating, condiments often get a bad wrap…especially mayonnaise.  So many additives…that just can’t be good, right? So, in my fitness journey, I make my own mayo at home. It’s great for meals on the go, dips, or some extra-juicy baked chicken so you can keep your favorite recipes, but add that healthy paleo twist! After discovering this little trick, I’ll never buy Hellmann’s again!

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