Miracle Vegan Mac & Cheese

I have a new love and it’s replacing and old love because sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. Mine? It wants to dive into a big bowl of pasta. I’ll inspiralize until I die – but sometimes you just need that pasta. So – you eat the gluten, you pay for it later, ya feel me? Y’all – it doesn’t have to be this way…enter, Miracle Noodles!

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Vegan Cuban Quinoa

Quinoa alone, can be…well, blah. But the right ingredients, dang ya’ll this is good!  This works as a great side dish (I like it with fish, chicken, or pork) or has enough protein to be a solid stand-alone if you are on the vegan or vegetarian trend.  The best thing, it keeps! And…a plus, it tastes even better with time.

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